Hello and welcome to The CalliCoder blog’s advertisement page. Here you’ll find all the information you need in order to advertise on CalliCoder.

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About CalliCoder

Hi, My name is Rajeev Kumar Singh. I’m the founder of this blog and the primary contact for all your media and advertising related queries.

CalliCoder is a computer science education blog with a primary focus on programming languages, web development, and system design.

The main audience of this blog includes Computer science students, Software professionals, Entrepreneurs, and technology enthusiasts.

Traffic Stats

Following are the latest traffic stats of the blog:

You can also analyze our traffic stats on Alexa and SimilarWeb.

Most of the traffic (~85%) comes from search engines and direct visits from repeat visitors.

I generally update these traffic stats at the end of every month. If you have any queries about the traffic, please feel free to drop me an email at rajeev@callicoder.com.

Advertising Options

We have following ad slots available on the blog:

  • 300*250 sidebar top-right - $500 per month

  • 300*250 sidebar middle-right - $350 per month

  • Responsive or 300*250 after every article - $500 per month

  • Responsive banner ads on the home page and all the category pages (Just like the one you see on Youtube’s homepage) - $400 per month

Get in touch

Get in touch with me now at rajeev@callicoder.com to take things forward.